See Europe’s top travel destinations without leaving your couch

Even though the world has made steps back toward normal, the world of travel and hospitality is still reeling. With the Coronavirus epidemic extending through the summer months, many industries were deprived completely of their peak season. Now, as the world tries to navigate how to safely travel and relax, companies must find ways to reach out to those who still wish to stay safe at home.

See Europe’s top travel destinations without leaving your couch

And while many famous venues may still be closed to the public or receiving visitors in small numbers, there are a good handful that have begun the process of digital tours. These digital tours serve as both a way to bring interest and revenue to the business, and to increase in-person visits when that can safely resume.

Monet or beignet?

France already has on offer a handful of digital tours. The Louvre has created a digital tour for guests, taking them down hallways lined with some of the world’s most beautiful — and expensive — artwork. In addition, there are tours of the Eiffel Tower, giving those who are afraid of heights a wonderful view with absolutely no risk.
In addition, other hard to get into places have also opened up for digital viewing. The Sistine Chapel, which was difficult to get into on a good day, is now open for unending viewing pleasure (so long as it is digital, of course). England’s Buckingham Palace also appears on the list, although some of the fun might be lost, given that visitors can’t prank the guards.

Mother Nature’s blog

For those wishing to get away from the city and populated areas, there are still options. Austria and Switzerland both have wonderful, digital tours through their mountains. This offers all of the beauty and majesty of the alps, without a plane ticket or frost icing its way onto your nose. Norway also offers a “low and slow” viewing of some unfamiliar, but nonetheless beautiful sites.
Overall, these digital tours bode well for travelers worldwide. For those who are at risk in this trying time, it is away for a brief escape, to take a cheap and fun journey to a new place. For those who like to travel, use these digital tours as a way to preview and prepare for coming trips, and to find places you might like to see in person — whenever that is.