Why you should stay in a youth hostel at least once in your life

Some people refuse to stay in a youth hostel as they fear sharing their space with a complete stranger, or a group of strangers. Sure it means you have to get a little closer to people you know nothing about, but that’s actually part of its charm, plus they are a bargain too! Here’s why you should stay in a youth hostel at least once in your life.

Out of your comfort zone

Travel is all about creating experiences, but if you stay within your comfort zone, those memories might pass you by. Spending a few nights in a youth hostel will put you in touch with like-minded people all trying to have a great time. It is a collection of potential new friends.

Why you should stay in a youth hostel at least once in your life

There is always a place to hang out and have a few drinks before you and your new friends go exploring the city you’re staying in. Making friends at a youth hostel is pretty much inevitable if you’re open to the idea, and it can only make your experience better.

They cost less

There is one thing many people always argue in favor of hotels over hostels, they give you privacy. That privacy comes at a price, and often it makes travel far too expensive. For those who want to see the world but don’t have the budget to spend every night in a hotel, there is the humble youth hostel. They can cost as little as $10 per night and offer you a safe place to stay in a foreign land.

Hostels know what you want

The people who run youth hostels know exactly what you’ve come for. A good time! You will find that they try to help people get out and explore their wonderful cities, either during the day or to get a taste of the nightlife. The staff will suggest tours, and at night many of the team will gather a group of fellow hostel residents to go out and enjoy themselves.

Local knowledge

If you want to find the latest hotspot in the city, then the chances are the people working in the youth hostel are going to know where that is. Their jobs are to look after young travelers, so they have to know what they are attracted to. Tap into the staff’s knowledge to get to know some of the world’s best cities, plus they often have exclusive discounts to make things cheaper.

Why you should stay in a youth hostel at least once in your life


If you are traveling on a budget, then you might not have the cash to go out and eat dinner every night. One thing youth hostels offer you above hotels is the use of a guest kitchen. You can make your own meals in the evenings before hitting the town, saving vital resources for the local clubs and bars.

Youth hostels get a bad rap from people, but they offer so much. They won’t break the bank, and they pretty much guarantee you’re going to have a good time by creating a party atmosphere.