These places in Scotland look like they came from “Game of Thrones”

Game of Thrones is just about our all-time favorite TV show, and we simply can’t wait for the final season. Whether you’re up to date, or late to the party, this multi-layered show has so much to offer TV audiences. One of the first things you may have noticed when you first watched the show is how stunning it looks. Many of the locations in the show are some of the most staggeringly beautiful places.

We bet you’re dying to know where some of those magical locations, like The Eyrie, and Winterfell were shot. Well, Northern Ireland is a popular place for filming on the show, as well as Scandinavia. But, there are also place in Scotland that look like they could have come right out of the hit HBO show. We’ve listed five for you to browse, and, don’t worry, unlike Jon Snow, we actually know what we’re talking about!

Craigmillar Castle – Winterfell

The North remembers! Winterfell is the home of the Stark family, and one of the defining strongholds of the North, and, don’t you think Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh looks exactly like it?! The actual castle used is Castle Ward in Northern Ireland, altered slightly using CGI. But, we think Craigmillar could easily have filled in; Bran would definitely have loved climbing the towers of this beautiful place!

Logan Botanic Garden – The Water Gardens of Dorne

The Dornish live across the Narrow Sea and have some of the most beautiful landscapes in all the GoT universe. To capture the feel of House Dorne’s lavish grounds, the producers traveled to Seville in Spain, but there was no need! They could have just visited these incredible gardens in the south of Scotland instead – don’t they just look every inch the tropical paradise?! In fact, this place looks so amazing you’d never even know you were in Scotland.

The Storr – The Vale of Arryn and The Eyrie

A big part of Littlefinger’s scheming, The Vale of Arryn and The Eyrie are hugely iconic and atmospheric locations in the show. The producers chose the stunning backdrop of Iceland to get their location, though they could equally have used the lush, sprawling mountains of the Isle of Skye. The Storr is the sort of location that is just crying out to be in a high fantasy movie or TV show; we hope they use it soon!

Culzean Castle – Casterly Rock

The beacon of House Lannister, Casterly Rock is frequently used in the show and is shown to be a stronghold, highly prized by Tywin Lannister and family. In the show, as you may already know, Castle Trujo in Spain is the actual colossus used for Casterly Rock. But, we have to be honest, we actually prefer this Ayrshire bastille, built way back in 1777. In fact, it could even have been used in the same way as Casterly Rock is used in the show!

Talisker Bay – Dragonstone Beach

You probably recall Dragonstone Beach as the place where Stannis Baratheon would go for walks to think and unwind when Season 3 got a bit much. It was also visited again more recently by Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister, as the Khaleesi finally set eyes on her birthplace. Again, Spain was used as the real location – Muriola Beach in the Basque region, to be precise. Though we’re sure you’ll agree, the stunning Talisker Bay on the Isle of Skye is pretty much a dead ringer for the famed beach in the show.

Scotland has so much stunning landscape, and this makes it the ideal setting for Game of Thrones lookalikes! We know the producers did use some parts of Northern Ireland to film the show. Scotland was used for some of the first season, and, judging by these sensational locations, we wish they’d filmed all of it there!