What should you not do when visiting the USA

America, the land of the free. There is so much to see all across this beautiful land that it can be hard to take it all in. However, on your adventures, you might find yourself asking the question: what should you absolutely not do when visiting the USA? Although the states are all so different from each other, there are some general rules us visitors should probably remember…

Forget to tip

This is one rule you absolutely want to remember when visiting America. In many countries around the world, it is normal not to tip waiters or waitresses. However, in the USA this isn’t the case. Here, employees usually rely on the extra income from customers which is one of the many reasons they pride themselves on customer service. So if you’re eating out then don’t forget to throw a few dollars extra onto the table as a tip before you leave.

Underestimate the size

If you come from Europe, then it might seem normal to drive for a few hours and be in a different country. In the USA, you could drive for hours and still be in the same state, let alone far enough away to consider it a vacation. So if you only have a few days to take in the country then don’t assume you can cram in a whole heap of things to do up and down America. Instead, focus on one area at a time and perhaps consider getting a flight to continue your adventures?

Mess with the cops

Of course, joking around with the police in any country probably isn’t a good idea. However, this is a particularly bad choice when visiting America. Unlike other countries, you are expected to stay in your vehicle if you are pulled over and might be treated as a threat if you get out or make any sudden movements. Plus, they aren’t happy go lucky people in the streets either. These men and women are there to keep people safe and don’t have time to mess around.

Get in people’s space

Americans love their personal space. But here you have to be more conscious about how close you are than other areas of the world. In many countries, it can seem reasonable to give a kiss on the cheek or even give a stranger a hug when you meet for the first time. However, when visiting America, you want to make sure you don’t get too close. If you do, Americans will probably think you’re being strange and rude before leaving the conversation.

Try and compare your country

Many Americans are extremely proud of their country. So comparing your country to their land could have disastrous effects. Of course, the people of America love to hear all about new cultures. However, they most likely don’t want to listen to any ways that your country could be better than theirs – even if it is. So keep the personal opinions to yourself, and you should be set to have a pleasant trip!

America might seem like a big scary place, but there is no need to be afraid. Instead, it’s time to stop worrying about the things you should absolutely not do when visiting the USA and start planning all the wonderful things you CAN do. After all, this should be the vacation of a lifetime!