The cheapest countries that you can visit

We all need a break now and then. Whether you go alone, with family or with friends, you can’t beat a great vacation. It’s the perfect way to forget about work and get some rest and relaxation. However, while a vacation might be great, they aren’t always affordable. The cost of travel and accommodation can be intimidating, plus there’s the matter of how much you’ll spend while abroad. Luckily, some countries are a lot cheaper to visit than others. Consider visiting these places if you want to save yourself a few bucks.


More than 13,000 islands make up the Republic of Indonesia, so you’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to somewhere to stay. That’s not why you should make your next vacation an Indonesian one, though. The exchange rate has never been better, with $1 now worth the equivalent of 14,000 Rupiah. To put that in perspective, it was worth 5,000 Rupiah less five years ago.

You can find excellent accommodation for just $20-30, and they don’t skimp on quality. A lot of these places are located in pool villas or by the beaches, which are amazing by the way. If you want to spend your time soaking up the sun, the white sand beaches here are perfect, and they offer some of the best diving and surfing facilities in the world. All for a low price, of course. The only thing you won’t find affordably priced are the drinks, but you don’t need to get tipsy to have a good time.


If you’re looking for a European vacation this year, we recommend going to Bulgaria. The country has long been one of the best places to visit for an affordable break, However, with the conversion rate continuing to improve, now is the best time to travel there. For those of you who enjoy a drink or two on their vacation, Bulgaria has got you covered. It has some of the cheapest drinks around, and a full winery tour might only cost you $5. That’s quite an experience for just a few bucks. It’s less than you’d pay to see a movie back home.

A vacation in Bulgaria is the epitome of relaxation. Not only are there beaches to lounge on and hiking routes to explore, but the locals are incredibly friendly too. They’re so laidback, which is probably a refreshing change from what you’re used to at home. It’s enough to make you feel guilty about spending so little money in their country. When they’re offering rooms for $20 a night, though, how can you turn them down?


Colombia doesn’t have the best reputation, but you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the media. While there are some areas in the country that you’re best off avoiding, Colombia is also home to some of the world’s most amazing sights. It’s incredibly cheap too. Ever since 2014, the US dollar has improved in worth dramatically. Whereas before $1 equaled 1800 Colombian Pesos, it’s now equivalent to 2900 Pesos. That’s a pretty steep increase which isn’t so great for locals, but benefits anyone looking for a cheap vacation.

With an exchange rate like that, you can afford to stay in beautiful, traditional guest houses for no more than $30. You can also dine on some of the best local cuisine for a fraction of that. When you consider how much there is to see in Colombia, from the colorful Caño Cristales to the Lost City of Teluna, there’s no reason not to pay a visit to this South American country. Besides, where else provides the opportunity to bathe in volcanic mud for such an affordable price?

Are you convinced now that being on a budget doesn’t have to stop you from having a great vacation? If you’re not too fussy about where you want to travel to, a cheap break abroad is entirely possible.