The best locations for a destination wedding

If the love of your life has just popped the question – well, we’re pretty darn jealous. Ahem, we mean… Congratulations! The idea of spending the rest of your life is probably filling your socks with so much joy right now you don’t really know where to turn, and the idea of planning a wedding is something you just don’t want to think about. We get it; it’s stressful. It’s even more stressful if you live in a country where the sun rarely makes an appearance. If you want beauty and guaranteed sun for your big day, check out these best locations for a destination wedding…


Italy is one of the most romantic destinations on the planet, and although Romeo & Juliet didn’t exactly work out, they are still considered the patrons of love – so that’s gotta stand for something, right? More and more couples are choosing to have their big day in Italy because the country is so diverse. There are bustling cities with some of the greatest hotels, there are beautiful vineyards with space for your aisle, and there are even incredible beaches for you and your guests to get your feet sandy. If you need any more persuading, just think of all the fresh and fancy wine you could drink.

The best locations for a destination wedding


If you and your betrothed love a bit of culture in your life, Greece should definitely be added to your list of possible wedding destinations. Although they may be a little behind the times in terms of technology and modern traditions, that’s exactly what some couples want from their big day. Good food, authentic music, and people who generally just want to enjoy your day and the beautiful surroundings that Greece has to offer. From the whitewashed buildings to the views of the ocean and the Greek people who are more than willing to stuff money into your wedding dress, absolutely nothing could go wrong.

The Maldives

If you haven’t Googled what the Maldives looks like yet, you should probably do that ASAP. However, youa might want to sit down before you do it because your legs are guaranteed to go all wobbly. With little else but the sea and sand around you, the Maldives is the perfect wedding choice if you want something utterly breathtaking and private. You can stay in a lodge overlooking the ocean, get hitched on the beach, and spend the next few days in paradise with your new husband or wife. I mean, do you need any more reasons?

The best locations for a destination wedding


Hawaii is the kind of place that is on everyone’s dream bucket list, so why not turn your dream vacation into your dream wedding? With tropical beaches and forests, Hawaii has everything you could want for a romantic and beautiful wedding day. If you live in the US, this could also be the perfect alternative for you if you don’t want to fly too far away and don’t want to shell out the ridiculous airfare for your guests. Get married on the beach and finish off your reception with a luau – because there are leis for everyone!

If you’re looking at wedding venues in your home country and wondering when something will wow you away, it might be best just to give up your search and look for something that is a bit further afield. Luckily, there are so many romantic wedding destinations to choose from – the hardest decision you will make is choosing which one is ‘the one.’