The best airports in the world

For us, our vacation starts as soon as we finish work the day before. We’re on vacation for the commute home (so we better be able to find a seat!), for our last meal before we jet off (normally a takeaway. Who wants to cook the night before they go away?) and also for the journey to our destination. This means we want our airport experience to be just as easy and realizing as the vacation itself. Unfortunately, there are some airports around the world that are pure STRESS from start to finish. Thankfully, there are others that are a doddle, and make the experience totally worthwhile. Wondering where you can find these airports? Check this out:

5. Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)

Since opening in 1998, the Hong Kong International Airport has managed to get itself on the list of the best airports in the world nearly every year – but with 68.3 million passengers passing through its doors each year, it’s no surprise they’ve spruced it up a little (okay, a lot). The airport is built on an artificial island just outside of Hong Kong and consists of two terminals which are connected by moving walkways and driverless people mover systems to make sure visitors remain moving and on-time for their departures. Efficiency is the main aim for staff at the Hong Kong Airport, who want to keep their visitors busy at all times. Passengers can chill out in five private airport lounges, catch a movie at the airport IMAX theater, grab a bite to eat at a Michelin-star restaurant or fit in a round of golf at the SkyCity Nine Eagles golf course!

4. Munich Airport (MUC)

If you’ve ever been to Munich airport, you’ll know that it is one impressive structure. Munich takes the record as the second busiest airport in the whole of Germany and definitely caters for its 42.3 million passengers each year. Once you’ve check in your luggage, the Munich Airport visitors park offers various different activities to keep you busy, including an airplane display and a mini golf course! The airport also offers a state-of-the-art children’s play park, and you can even go on an airport tour if you wanted to. As if this wasn’t enough, the airport also uses its enormous space to offer visitors brand new experiences every once in awhile. Previously, they have transformed free space into tennis courts, a skate park and even a surf pool!

3. Incheon International Airport (ICN)

Incheon International Airport snaps up the bronze medal in the race to be the best airport in the world. Like Hong Kong International Airport, Incheon International Airport was also built on an island – but this time, Incheon lies just outside the capital of South Korea. This incredible semicircular airport was built in 2001 and features state of the art facilities that will make you forget you’re even going on vacation! You can spend your time in the airport spa, playing a round of golf, taking a walk through the beautiful indoor gardens, wandering around the Museum of Korean Culture, going for a spin on the ice rink or earning (or losing) money in the airport casino. As well as being one of the best airports in the world, Incheon International Airport has been ranked the cleanest airport in the world!

2. Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND)

Tokyo Haneda International Airport is one of the most-visited airports in the world, with 75.3 million passengers walking through its door each year! The airport is just a few miles away from Tokyo, making it the perfect traveling point for those wanting to explore the Japanese capital. The airport offers everything you could need to make your journey as smooth as a whistle, with an observation deck, and Sky Road airplane museum, numerous airport lounges, and even a pet hotel. I mean, you know an airport is pretty big-time when they have a pet hotel…

1. Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN)

It’s no surprise that Singapore Changi International Airport is officially the best airport in the world – for the fifth year in a row! The airport is absolutely incredible and features some of the best technology and innovative structures in the world. With indoor forests, butterfly gardens, giant slides, spa facilities, movie theaters and a load of eating options, you’ll wish you could spend more time here. The airport also has plans to build a huge waterfall inside their walls – because of course, that’s the only thing it’s missing! This airport is a definite must-see.

So forget your long queues and dirty toilets, because these airports are the best of the best. No longer does waiting in the airport for your flight have to be stressful and boring. Who needs disgusting airport food and hard plastic chairs when you could lounge around these airports? It’s worth visiting these countries just for the airport experience, seriously.