Best accessories for long flights

Nobody wants to be sitting on a long haul flight feeling uncomfortable, bored, and irritable. Flights can be overwhelming and stressful enough, without the added discomfort and unpleasantness of a screaming baby next to you or a sore neck from trying to sleep. Whether you travel once a year or every weekend, across the state or the world, there are some vital accessories you should always pack, to make your long flight just that little bit more bearable.

Block out the noise

If your pet peeve is screaming children and crying babies on a long flight, then one of the best accessories you could invest in is some good quality, noise canceling headphones. With these, you can listen to your music, which most people find to be relaxing and enjoyable on a flight while drowning out all of the surrounding sounds. They might even help you to have a nap on the plane.

Best accessories for long flights

Sleep well

If sleeping on long flights is your entertainment of choice – we don’t blame you – then a travel pillow and eye mask are must-haves, along with those noise-canceling headphones or maybe some earplugs. The only thing worse than waking up with a neckache is waking up with a neckache on a flight when you still have to endure potentially hours of traveling. Neck pillows can reduce that risk, along with helping you sleep better.

Don’t get bored

Electronics like phones and tablets can make a long journey feel significantly less boring. Make sure you bring a power pack and charger, too, and you’ve got entertainment for the entire flight. Whether you prefer to play games or watch movies you’ve downloaded – see, another use for those headphones – some sort of electronic device and charger can be a lifesaver. The main way you can avoid a miserable flight is to make sure you have plenty of things to do to keep yourself entertained, so electronics, reading books, or magazines are a must-have.

Best accessories for long flights

Keep yourself refreshed

A small bag of toiletries can do wonders for you on a long flight. We all know that after a couple of hours, we don’t feel too cute anymore, so keep a little bag of lip balm, roll-on deodorant, hand gel, moisturizer, and other small products to hand. Whenever you’re feeling uncomfortable or even unhygienic, use your little rescue pack to freshen up and keep yourself feeling the best you can on a long journey.

Get comfy

Some fluffy socks or slippers could be the best thing you’ve ever packed for a long haul plane journey. It’s no secret that our feet can swell when we’re up in the air, as well as just feel generally hot and uncomfortable. So, when you’re on your way, kick off your shoes, put on some cozy footwear, and enjoy your flight in luxury.

Flights can be exhausting at the best of times, but keep these handy accessories on you, and your next trip won’t feel quite so bad. They’re never going to be the most fun you’ve ever had, but if you pack wisely, you don’t have to feel irritated and miserable the entire way.