14 Travel Hacks That Will Save Your Vacation

Vacation preparation and plans not going how you wanted? Take a breath and relax, we’re here to help. Most of your problems can be solved with these 14 helpful holiday hacks. How’s that for alliterative awesomeness? 

Travel Light

You’re going on vacation, not moving house. Make sure your priorities are in order when you pack; otherwise you’re going to be paying huge charges on your luggage and have a total nightmare unpacking. You don’t need to empty your wardrobe into your suitcase either, wear functional reusable clothes instead, but keep at least one smart outfit ready.


The Art Of Haggling

Don’t spend all your time on the high street in a chain store. Head into the back alleys for the boutiques and hidden gems. Most importantly of all, learn to haggle on price. You’ll find independent shop owners more flexible with their pricing compared to the huge corporate monoliths. Drive the hardest bargain you can, but don’t be unreasonable.

Cultural Sites

See the sights at the sites. Try saying that twice as fast. Wherever you’re going, there are bound to be a few local landmarks of significant cultural or historical importance. Whip out a travel guide or two and try to identify the ones that interest you the most. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring a camera.

Have A Less Stressful Flight

You’ve got a whole host of problems to think about on a flight. Make things easy for yourself and try to avoid the middle seat in a row. Windows seats are perfect for a view but don’t book one if you’re the type of person who needs to use the bathroom every 45 minutes. Also, don’t overdo it on the carry-on luggage.

Be Informed

On the outside chance your vacation destination is in the middle of political upheaval, we’re looking at you Turkey, it might be best to know what to do if things start to go south. Knowing where your national embassy or consulate are can help you immensely if you’re left stranded in a foreign country without any assistance readily available.


Book Everything

Have you got your eye on this fantastic restaurant you’ve heard about? Don’t go halfway across the world on the promise that you might be able to snag a table. Book yourself one instead. Don’t leave things up to chance; that just leads to disappointment and organizational failure. Also, get yourself accustomed to local dining etiquette to blend in.

Keep Active

Everybody gains a few pounds on vacation. You treat yourself; that’s what you’re supposed to do. Still, that’s not an excuse not to be active. You can find a little cycle trail and a place to rent bikes, or run along the beach while enjoying the ocean spray. If you’re lucky enough to be in a hotel with a gym, don’t be a stranger.

Pick Your Method Of Packing

I don’t mean “suitcase or bag”, I mean are you a packer who rolls, or are you a packer that packs things flat? The rolling method is all about compression and making sure everything is as tightly packed as possible. The flat method is like a very intense game of Tetris; those familiar with the classic game are amazing at this.

Do More Than Relax

Traveling or taking a vacation doesn’t mean you just have to sit around doing nothing. Volunteering is an excellent way to use some of that free time while you’re abroad. You can go home fully rested, and knowing you helped make a difference for those who need it. You can’t beat that satisfaction.

Don’t Ignore The Kids

If you’re taking your little ones with you, you’ve got a burden to ensure they’re as well-behaved as possible for the best flying experience. Bring a game or toy that’ll keep them quiet for the duration, or keep them entertained at the very least. If you’re worried about other people’s kids on the flight, just invest in noise-cancelling earphones.

Be Polite

You’ll find most people you meet abroad are aware you have different customs to them, and they’ll forgive you for not knowing their ways. That said, try to assimilate as much as possible or you’ll stand out as seeming particularly rude. Remember, you’re representing your nationality abroad as much as you are yourself. Don’t let yourself or your country down.

Make Friends

If the language barrier isn’t much of a problem in the location you’re vacationing to, why not try making some pals while you’re there? Hanging around in bars and local music venues is a good start for finding like-minded people with similar tastes. You never know who you might meet, there’s a good chance they may become firm friends.



Protect Your Skin

If you’re heading to a sunnier, balmier climate, make sure your skin isn’t going to go nuts. The hotter it is, the more you sweat. This could cause acne, so get an antibacterial toner or cleanser to clean your skin. As for the sun, don’t avoid the sunscreen to try getting a tan. You’ll find you’ll just burn instead of bronze.

Be Aware Of The Local Wildlife

You don’t want to end up bitten by a family of mosquitos, or stung by a passing jellyfish. Know what the risks are before you do anything, and always be sure to be prepared to any eventualities. That means packing ointments and first aid materials, but also knowing your way to a local hospital.