Warsaw – the cheapest capital in Europe

Have you ever felt the need to go on a little adventure, but then your bank account has been all ‘woah, hang on there… what are you doing?’ Yep, us too. Thankfully, there are some destinations that won’t break the bank, including Warsaw. Warsaw holds the impressive title of being the cheapest capital in Europe, which is perfect for our dwindling bank account figures. But what is there to do in Warsaw?

Visit Old Town Square

If you’re looking for a bit of history, there’s no need to look any further than Warsaw Old Town. Warsaw Old Town Square is ultimately the tourist hub of Poland, and features everything you could want from an attraction – and we have to say, it’s pretty Instagrammable too. The square is decked out in beautiful cobbled stones, there are medieval churches and buildings, there are houses in various different colors, there are monuments, and there are some pretty epic restaurants and cafes. Although there isn’t anything to do in terms of fun and adventure, Old Town Square is somewhere you just have to witness for yourself before you leave.

Check out the Wilanow Palace

When you visit Wilanow Palace, you’re really getting two for the price of one. Not only is the palace and incredible architectural structure that will make you feel like the prince or princess that you are, but the palace is also a museum. The Palace itself is still decked out in its original attire and has been completed with work from some of Poland’s most prolific painters. On the outside, the palace boasts perfectly pruned and colorful gardens that you can explore at your will. Just watch out for the human-sized sculptures. Nowadays, the palace chambers are full of artwork, history, and galleries that really are one of a kind.

Visit the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

It’s no secret that Poland has had a pretty checkered past – and visiting this museum is the perfect way to remember those who suffered intense brutality during World War II. The museum has been built on top of the remains of a Ghetto that was used during these turbulent times. However, unlike many museums, the POLIN Museum does not focus too much on their fatalities. Instead, the museum focuses on the extraordinary lives of the Jewish people who lived in the area in the run up to the Holocaust. Inside the museum are eight galleries that delve into their lives and celebrate their successes. It’s a truly moving and memorable visit.

See the animals at Warsaw Zoo

Warsaw is an incredibly historic destination, and sometimes you need to take a break from the history and culture and have a little fun. A visit to the Warsaw Zoo is the perfect way to unwind. The zoo is more of a zoological garden than a zoo where the animals are caged, and covers an impressive 40 hectares of land! You’ll definitely need a few hours here though, as the zoo features around 500 species, and around 4,200 animals to check out. Check out the elephants, the bears, the hippopotamus, the fish, the apes, and more.

Are you a little short for cash but in need of a little getaway? Book your flights to Warsaw for a cheap and truly enlightening trip away.