Why Canada Should Be Your Next Family Vacation

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O, Canada! It may be widely considered America’s hat, but there’s far more to the Maple Leaf nation than you may think. It’s incredibly picturesque, filled with wonderfully polite people, and most importantly of all, it’s family friendly.

Natural Beauty

Canada is a nation that values the environment. There are vast swathes of land that are almost entirely untouched by humans, bar a few roads and hiking paths. If you, your other half, or your kids are the outdoorsy types, they’re going to be well served by what Canada has to offer.

The Rocky Mountains, for instance, are an incredible sight to see with dozens of nature walks available around them. Whether you’re taking relaxing strolls in the woods, or tackling the steep hills around the base of the mountains, you’ll get a fantastic view.

Why Canada Should Be Your Next Family Vacation

You’ll “Fall” In Love

Niagara Falls is arguably Canada’s greatest tourist spot. Most natural wonders are bound to get some attention, but this has the distinct advantage of having the sheer awe of being a gigantic waterfall. With numerous activities to do both above and below the falls, your kids certainly aren’t going to be complaining about being bored. They’re liable to get soaked, though, so please make sure they wear the waterproof ponchos provided.

Choose dates for your next dream vacation to Canada

Road Trip

Depending on your family, long stretches of road can either be a blessing or a nightmare. If your kids aren’t the fidgety type and enjoy a few rounds of “I Spy”, the Trans-Canada highway is a great alternative to flying if you want to get from one side of the country to the other.

So what about the driver? Driving for extended periods of time can be tiresome and most of all repetitive. Not on the Trans-Canada highway, though. Landscapes that look like they belong in an oil painting will leap out at you and keep you entertained and engaged all the while you’re at the wheel.

Why Canada Should Be Your Next Family Vacation

The French Connection

Why not enjoy a taste of Europe while in Canada? The French-Canadian city of Quebec opens its arms to tourists, offering local landmarks like the Chronicle-Telegraph building, Quebec Cathedral, and the Old City. Inspired by French neo-gothic design, you may find yourself wondering if you’ve been transported to the street of Paris in the blink of an eye.

France’s influence on Quebec extends beyond its design and language. Smell the air in the city and you’ll find yourself being drawn ever closer to the traditional French bakeries in the narrow back streets. If you’ve spent the whole day walking with the family, a little fresh pastry should help refresh you.


Ocean Spray

Seaside locations like Manitoulin in Ontario are perfect if you’re vacationing in Canada in the summertime. The skies are clear and the days are hot, but a cool breeze is brought in by the ocean and helps keep the populace from overheating.

So what’s there to do besides the sea in Canada? Not all of the beaches are the sandy kind, but there’s still plenty of fun to have. The whole family can go crab fishing off the pier, for example. Local stores sell child-safe and humane kits, so all you have to do is buy a little bit of bacon for bait, Canadian or otherwise, and dangle the line into the shallow water.

Arctic Chill

The further North you go, the closer you get towards the Arctic. You might wonder why on Earth you’d want to take your family near to one of the most inhospitable places on the planet. The reality is that during the summer it’s rather pleasant, and just about as warm as anywhere else in the country.

So why would you go North if it’s the same as the rest of Canada? First of all, the Northern Lights are visible in the far reaches of Canada. Nothing compares to this Natural Wonder, and there are only very few places in the world you can experience it. Give your family a memory they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.


Once you’re ready to return to civilisation, Vancouver is a great destination if you want a few more of those home comforts. Let’s not discuss what you can get at home, though, let’s talk about what you can’t.

Vancouver is a hotspot for celebrities these days because of the enormous tax breaks are given to the film and television industries. What does this mean for the family vacation? A little bit of celebrity hunting can be fun, so long as you’re respectful and polite. It could be the kids want to get the autograph of the actor or actress who plays their favourite superhero.

If you’re feeling a bit boxed in by the towering Vancouver skyline, take a trip out to Stanley Park. This dense woodland park has a great gimmick, a series of spiralling suspended bridges overlooking the woods. Not so perfect for those afraid of heights, but it could make for a unique family photo.