How to get the guaranteed cheapest price on flights

If there’s one thing most people dread when going on vacation, it’s booking the flight. Unless you’re traveling somewhere nearby, you’ll probably have to get on a plane or two to reach your destination. However, this is rarely ever a cheap thing to do. Airlines like to push their luck with prices because they know that people will pay them. However, if you’re looking to fly affordably, then you might want to think carefully before booking anything. It turns out there are some tips to keep in mind for ensuring prices stay on the cheaper side of things.

Find the cheapest travel date

With all those smartphone apps out there, finding the right time to travel is easier than ever. Thanks to sites like Skyscanner and apps like Hopper, you can identify when it’ll be cheapest to visit your destination. Just put in where you’re going to and coming from, and a calendar will show you what the prices are like for each day. It’s much more effective than just assuming that a random weekday will be the most affordable time to fly.

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Do your browsing privately

Using private browsing mode on your computer might make it seem like you’re doing something dodgy, but it’s actually a great way to get cheap flight tickets. That’s because searching around for a reasonable airfare can actually make the prices increase. Crazy, right? It’s because of the cookies in your browser highlighting the fact you’ve been looking for similar flights on a variety of sites. Fortunately, your cookies disappear every time you close a window in private browsing, so it’s easy to stop this information from being tracked.

Give budget airlines a go

Unless you’re someone that values comfort and luxuries when flying, it could be worth booking your vacation with a budget airline. They might be lacking when it comes to legroom or free food and beverages, but that’s reflected in the price. These airlines offer the cheapest flights you can get, so you know that your travel will be affordable. As long as you’re okay with the sacrifices, this is a great way to save some dollar.

Book connecting flights separately

If your journey requires connecting flights, it may work in your favor to book these separately and by yourself. It can actually work out a lot cheaper this way, and it allows you the chance to explore somewhere new on your travels. Why not have a one or two night stay in your stopover destination instead of moving straight on? It won’t be as expensive as you think, and it will save you having a tight layover. The last thing you want is delays ruining your journey.

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Don’t delay; buy today

You might have heard people discussing the perfect time to buy flight tickets, but it’s a risky practice that doesn’t always work. If you really want to get the best deal on your journey, book as soon as possible. Prices are more likely to increase than decrease the closer you get to your departure date. The only time this really differs is when airlines have spare tickets that they need to get rid of on the day. However, unless you’re carefree about where you travel to, buying this way is not advised.

Flights are rarely ever going to be dirt cheap, but at least they don’t have to break the bank. As long as you put some thought into your purchases, you can get some great deals the next time you travel.