When are the cheapest times of the year to travel?

Traveling is something that just about everyone wants to do and it’s not hard to fathom why. New places, new people, and new experiences are exciting. While our heads and hearts are telling us to take the leap and go on an adventure, our wallets and bank balances might be telling us to slow down and rethink this spontaneity. There’s a right time for everything in life, and traveling is no exception. With enough knowledge and planning in advance, that dream vacation might be closer to reality than we think. Keep reading to find out the best times to travel for the best prices.


Finding bargains requires us to be flexible. Contacting an agent or booking flights with set dates in mind won’t have us in line for those great deals. Generally, flights are at their most affordable during the week. Tuesdays and Thursdays to be precise. Although, an occasional great price for a Saturday is also possible. Finding good prices also means that we need to shop around. If there are several airlines going to the same destination, take a look at all of them, we never know who will be running a sale.

When are the cheapest times of the year to travel?

Car Rentals

Not many people know that the prices of car rentals can fluctuate several times throughout a single day. This has everything to do with supply and demand. When rental sales are down, the companies will lower their prices to bring in business. When sales are good, they will raise prices to maximize revenue. To get around these fluctuations and get the best price possible, be sure to book in advance. Three to six months in advance is a decent amount of time to hunt around for a good car rental deal.

Local Travel

When it comes to traveling in the US, prices plummet when the schools reopen and people are returning to their regular lives. Those months are January and September. Airfares have dropped by as much as 45% during these periods and the same can be said for many destination attractions. Not only do hotel prices reduce, but they are also virtually empty during these months. This means no crowds, no queues, more cash, and more relaxation when traveling during these times.

International Travel

Traveling abroad on a budget is possible, and if the timeline is flexible enough, with some serious research, it’s not too difficult to land the best of the best deals. Different countries have their peak seasons at different times. These peak seasons mainly revolve around the weather and famous festivals. The majority of travelers want to visit these destinations during historical events or when the weather will be at its best. Ever been to Brazil during Carnival? Loads of people would be paying top dollar to experience the biggest party in the world.

When are the cheapest times of the year to travel?

Popular Destinations and Months

January – Melbourne, Australia
February – Dubai; Hong Kong, China
March – Argentina
April – Denmark
May – London, England
June – Saint James, Barbados; Beijing, China
July – Sydney, Australia
August – Berlin, Germany
September – Rome, Italy
October – St Barts; Providenciales, Turks and Caicos; Cape Town, South Africa
November – Santorini, Greece; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
December – Frankfurt, Germany

As long as there is flexibility in where or when we want to travel, that tight budget shouldn’t be a problem. The world is full of beautiful places to explore, happy travels!