The advantages of Glamping

When it comes to picking your next summer vacation, there are just so many options to choose from. Do you want a relaxing beach vacation in Cuba? Do you fancy an adventurous trek in Peru? Do you want to visit your in-laws on the other side of the country? Do you fancy a city break in Europe? The opportunities are endless. And just to make it even more difficult for you, there’s one more awesome option to choose from: Glamping.

What is it?

In short, Glamping is glamorous camping. Rather than sleeping in a cold tent in a field, Glamping offers its glampers the opportunity to stay in accommodation that is fit with all of the amenities you could possibly need – but still secluded within nature.

Where did it come from?

The word Glamping was first brought to the attention of worldwide media back in 2005 after it made its first appearance in the United Kingdom. However, the concept behind Glamping has been around for centuries. In fact, the history books suggest that the Scottish Earl of Atholl was the first person to explore the idea of Glamping way back in the 16th Century. He erected large and lavish tents in the Scottish Highlands and decked them out with all of the posh furnishings from his own castle, ready for the arrival of King James V. He created a home away from home.

What do you stay in?

Glamping is perfect for the adventurer who wants to see and be in the great outdoors but does not want to sacrifice the home comforts – like a bed, hot shower, plug sockets, WIFI and toilet facilities. As well as its official name, Glamping is often referred to as luxury camping, boutique camping or comfy camping, because that is exactly what it is! Instead of pitching a dirty, cold and flimsy two-man tent in a field, you can stay in accommodation that is both luxurious and comfortable. Today, you can expect Glamping accommodation to include yurts, safari tents, tree houses, bell tents, tipis, and vintage caravans/trailers. These accommodation options nearly all come complete with bed linen, bathrooms, kitchen facilities and heating options. But Glamping is unlike a hotel, because rather than having loud neighbors or thin walls – you have nature.

Who can go Glamping?

The best thing about Glamping is that anyone can do it. Because it has become increasingly common, Glamping is available for you no matter your price range. Of course, depending on the location, the seclusion and the quality of the accommodation prices may rise, but they can also be rented on a budget. Many festivals and safari parks are now offering their attendees the chance to go Glamping rather than camp, making it a more comfortable and more fashionable option.

Where can I go Glamping?

As Glamping is now becoming a viable vacation choice, there are Glamping spots all across the world – so take your pick! It’s important to note that Glamping sites are normally divided into five different categories, dependent on their owner. You can either visit a Glamping site which is owned by a franchise with your own tent, or a B&B style site (like Airbnb), or by family-run campsites across the world who offer both standard camping and glamping, or the larger camping parks owned by holiday companies, or by those sites which dedicate their whole ethos to Glamping. A simple Google search will bring up all of the sites near you.

So if you’re looking for your next vacation destination, why not try out a bit of Glamping? You’ll need your Wellington boots outside, but you won’t need them inside.