How to see the world without leaving a trace behind you

Millions of people travel the world each year, moving from country to country; whether it’s going on a summer vacation or taking a gap year to go backpacking. With every person who moves from place to place, there is always garbage or waste that goes with them. However, the world is facing a problem trying to tackle waste from the average traveler, since there are just too many. If you’re unsure of how to keep the world a cleaner and safer place, then follow these tips.

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Purchase reusable containers

While most people like the idea of something you can quickly dispose of, it’s actually becoming a massive problem for places all around the world. When millions of tourists pass through the gates of National Parks, or other popular tourist destinations, the garbage can mount up. With everyone going for the easy option and choosing something that can be disposed of, it means millions upon billions of plastics and rubbish being strewn across areas. Consider that one person probably has numerous items they can try and dispose of in a day, whether it’s a can, bottles, plastic cutlery, etc. So consider purchasing a reusable water bottle, cutlery, flask, and anything else you might need.

Unwrap any new items before you go

If you do purchase something new that you want to take on your travels, then, rather than leaving it in its packaging as you leave for your adventures, take it out and recycle it at home. This way, you’re not contributing to the heaving mess that many places suffer from. The other thing is, depending on what kind of adventure you’re going on, you might find it’s sometimes much harder to dispose of items than it was back at home.

Reusable packable bag

Don’t underestimate the uses for a great reusable bag. The possibilities are endless… Well, kind of. However, you will always need it for something, whether it’s for putting your shopping in, any excess recycling, or anything else you may need to carry. Many countries have actually banned or reduced how many plastic bags get handed out or used, so this may be a necessary step for all your shopping.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Avoid unnecessary items

When you pick an item up, think to yourself, is it something you really need? Whether it’s excess food, drink, or leisurely items, think twice before you pick it up. Not only will it save you a whole load of litter, but it will also save your wallet a whole load of cash.

Be mindful

It’s really easy just to drop a piece of trash if you’re done with it, but this is the kind of attitude that has contributed to the mass amounts of plastic pollution causing huge numbers of wildlife to lose their lives. Being mindful and aware can prove more useful; merely being aware of where you will be putting your trash and following these few tips can make a world of difference. People try and ditch strange items all the time, however, simply disposing of your trash in the correct and designated areas can make the world that much better.

One source explained that Niagara Falls and surrounding the parks have millions of people visit each year. These people produce 832 tons each year just of garbage. This is insane, and ultimately waste can be reduced if people were more careful with what they brought with them, what they ate, and how they dispose of their trash.