Why Havana is so unique and magical

It’s a bit of a cliche to describe a city as being like no other place on earth, but it’s true, there really is no place on earth like the Cuban capital city, Havana. Lately, the city has been popping up at the top of many lists for the hottest tourist destinations, and for good reason, too.

In recent years, the city has seen a boom in visitors, so get your plane ticket booked and your hotel cabana reserved! It’s time to visit Havana.

It’s like stepping back in time

Cuban culture values the reuse and recycling of goods from past decades, so it’s fascinating to see a world that looks as though it’s taken a few steps back in time. Consumer-culture has not taken over yet, so expect to see fascinating relics, clothes, vehicles, and electronics from years gone by.

Photo: Unsplash.com

The weather is almost always sunny

Cuba is known for having gorgeous weather for a summer vacation all round. There’s very little rainfall, meaning most days out of the year you’ll be able to lay on that sun lounger all day. The coolest days will be found at the starting months of the year, so if you’re looking to get the most out of the sun, then book your trip in the summer months when temperatures will be at their highest.

It’s greatly political

Havana is steeped in rich history. You only need to walk down one of the Havanian streets to see how much history can be found in the city’s walls. Cuba is one of the last remaining places on earth that still practices real socialism, so expect to see a whole host of memorials, statues, and other important landmarks around the city. When you see a political sign or board to read, take a look! You’ll learn some incredible facts about the country’s political history and the ideologists like Karl Marx, who still remain important to the country’s community.

You’ll have a cheap night out

Drinks at bars are exceptionally cheap, making your night that whole lot more enjoyable and guilt-free. There are also plenty of other public spaces and parks for you to enjoy a local beverage in the sun too. Not only are the drinks cheap, but the food is too. You’ll be able to while away the evenings in Havana without having to remortgage the house!

Photo: Unsplash.com

It’s simply stunning

The landscape of Cuba provides you with some absolutely stunning views as you travel across the country. Mountain regions offer some excellent places for hiking and trekking along the hilly trails. And the beaches are next to none with clear blue sea and gorgeous clean sand for you to get that proper paradise experience.

It’s music to your ears

Cuban culture revolves around music and the celebration of life through music. Everywhere you go you’ll likely hear some kind of background soundtrack, whether it’s extraordinary street performers or local bands playing in bars and restaurants. With music comes dancing, so also expect to see some wonderful performers crop up out of nowhere as you’re walking down the street. We’re talking amazingly talented traditional dancers who always make your day extra special.

If you’re not quite sure where you want your next vacation to take place, you heard it here folks – Havana is the place to be. It’s the kind of place that you’ll fall in love with – and want to visit time and time again.