How to feel more at home when you’re at a hotel

You’re either a hotel type of person or not. Some find staying in hotel rooms uncomfortable, mostly finding it hard to relax and unwind in an unfamiliar room. Whereas for others, it can be an exciting experience, almost like a haven for you to get the best night sleep you’ve had in ages.

It’s no surprise that some people find hotel-living a difficult thing because living out of a suitcase can be a bit of a tiresome chore. Even if you’re in the most beautiful paradise location, sometimes you can never feel truly settled. Homesickness can sink in, and all you’ll be longing for is the comfort of your own room, in your own home.

Well if you’re that type of person, here’s some of our best tips and tricks in giving your hotel room that touch of home comfort.

Photo: BURST

Unpack and get organized

Rule number one – unpack your suitcase! A lot of people fail even to remove the contents of their luggage and place them into the storage provided – but this is a necessity if you want to feel genuinely comfortable.


If you’re a bit of an OCD clean freak that’s stressing about the cleanliness of your room, then first things first – sanitize! Always, ALWAYS check the bed sheets…and possibly bring along some sprays and cleaners to go over main areas, i.e. floorings, bathrooms, etc. Plus, sanitizing wipes are great for going over surfaces, remotes, door knobs, phones that kind of thing.

Bring some candles along

If you love your candles, then why not bring along your favorite smelling candle from home to fill the room with a relaxing ambiance. If you struggle to relax in a hotel, then candles are a fantastic way to destress your worries and get into a healthier positive mindset.

Prepare the iPad

Hotel TV can be a bit limited, and the screen is more than often in an awkward place – some don’t even have one! So if you’re a bit of a night-owl and like to unwind in front of the telly watching one of your shows, then bringing along your iPad can make a big difference to your hotel room stay.

Bring your favorite treats

Most of the time, hotel refreshments just don’t cut it. If the minibar isn’t up to scratch, it’s always nice to bring along some of your favorite goods – this could be a couple of mini bottles for a well-deserved nightcap, or. one of your favorite night time teas or morning coffees. Everyone knows having your favorite beverage and snack for the morning time is an essential.

Photo: BURST

Remember the right toiletries

It’s also necessary to bring all of the right toiletries too. Go through your daily getting-ready regime properly, and make sure you don’t forget any fundamentals to ensure your morning runs as smoothly as it would at home. Forgetting your particular shampoo, skincare care and dentist care can be all it takes to annoy you in the morning time.

Whatever the reason, no stay at a hotel should be a challenging experience. In fact, it should be the total opposite -a pleasant, relaxing, and enjoyable break from home. You are ultimately paying a price for your stay, so follow our tips and make the most of it!