Great tips for backpacking and hiking

Do you love nature and the great outdoors? Are you a seasoned adventurer when it comes to hiking or are you looking to get your feet wet? The chances are that most of you have done some hiking in school or scouts club, at the very least, but there is much more fun to be had! Whether you are a backpacking newbie or a conqueror of vast landscapes, our great tips are sure to help you get the most out of your future hiking adventures. Let us begin!

Choose a known group of people

The quote we have all heard is ‘’You never truly know somebody until you travel with them.’’ and it is so true. When in such close quarters with another person, you get to know everything about each other. They say you can choose friends, but not family and this may also be true, so pick reliable friends who have the same ideals and can bring as much to the table as you. Hiking requires grit, determination, and willpower; you don’t want to be weighed down by unenthusiastic people when out on an adventure.

Equip yourself correctly

A seasoned pro will most likely have all of the correct equipment and essential clothing, but a problem for newbies is all of those companies trying to sell you the latest gimmick – it looks cool, right? But do some research into what makes sense to purchase and make your hiking experiences fun yet cost-effective.

Synthetic clothing is ideal for hiking as they will keep your dry when sweating, go for durable pants and also have quick-dry fabric like spandex or nylon. Tighter clothing will also keep you warmer and protect you from the cold when sleeping at night. As for footwear, invest in shoes or boots with proper arch and heel support because you are going to need it across rough terrain. Also, remember that wearing the wrong footwear could make you even more injury prone.

First aid!

Always take a first aid kit with you such as alcohol, deep heat, band-aids, bandages, pills and anything else that would be necessary in case of minor injuries. Take a compass and flares too if you are really going far (we recommend shorter hikes for newbies!) .

What about the food?

People get lost at the most unpredictable times and in less obvious places than you could think of! Take food items that are nutritionally dense and enough water to last you several days – it is better to have too much than too little.
Whichever level of backpacking expertise you have, remember that preparing beforehand with our tips will ensure your safety and take out the worry of your journey. One last bit of advice from us to you? Always let somebody know where you are going and how long you plan to be away for.

Now you are ready to venture out into the great unknown and explore the beautiful landscapes and national parks that the sweet USA has to offer!