Destinations all musicians must travel to

There isn’t really a day that goes by when we don’t listen to some music, either choosing to play our favorite records or just hearing an advertising jingle on the TV, music is everywhere. It is what we listen to when trying to unwind, get pumped, use as background noise, even cry to. Music is an incredibly powerful art form, some of the biggest artists in the world can touch people’s hearts and become the soundtracks of their lives. Music can perfectly capture the emotions of strife and struggle but at other times can be the catalyst to getting down and boogying. Those who choose to play music are arguably even more passionate about it than others, so we have found some of the best destinations all musicians must visit.

Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK

The Cavern Club in Liverpool is where it all started for rock and roll band The Beatles. They went on to become the biggest band in the world in the ‘60s, but if it wasn’t for the Cavern Club, they might never have made it. Fans of The Beatles can head to the famous club in the city of Liverpool and take in the musical history of the famous venue. Bands play there all day every day so you might even be able to spot the next big thing when you’re inside. The walls are covered in memorabilia from some of the other famous bands that played there, but mostly you’ll want to check out The Beatles stuff.

New Orleans, USA

New Orleans was the birthplace of jazz, so it really is somewhere you’ll have to check out for yourself. The city is obsessed with music, and there are live performances each night in many of the venues along the famous Bourbon Street. Head to New Orleans for the Jazz and Heritage Festival around April and May to really immerse yourself in the jazz culture of this city.

Destinations all musicians must travel to

Graceland, Tennessee, USA

If rock and roll is your genre, then you’ll want to check out the King’s home. Graceland is the mansion that the late Elvis Presley lived in up until his death in 1977. Elvis helped to pioneer modern rock and roll by bringing his high-energy rockabilly style to people in the 1950s. Graceland was opened up to fans of the great man in 1982 and, as well as being perfectly preserved the way he left it, Elvis fans can pay their respects to their fallen hero. He was buried on the grounds of Graceland following his death alongside his parents and grandmother.

Carnegie Hall, New York, USA

The great concert venue in New York is a place many musicians strive to play someday. To get a taste of what it would be like to perform on the famous stage, musicians can purchase a concert ticket and see how it’s done. It has been the location for many world premiers of musician’s compositions, and any aspiring classical musician should take in the history of the grand old building with a guided tour before the concert begins.

While there are new genres and styles of music emerging seemingly every day, there can be no denying that people across the world love music. For some, listening is not enough, and they want to play in their own band or solo to emulate their musical heroes. For those that love music, there are some places on Earth that they simply have to visit in their lifetime. We have started you on your musical journey across the world with these destinations.