Best vacation destinations for wine lovers

Why do you go on vacation? Some people do it because they want to explore the world and fill their lives with exciting adventures. Others go to have a break from work and do nothing but top up their tan. Everyone has different intentions when they jet off somewhere, and they’re all entitled to enjoy their vacation the way they want. If you’re someone who prefers to explore the vineyards and enjoy a glass of wine or two on your travels, there are plenty of places around the world that are perfect for you.

Best vacation destinations for wine lovers

Burgundy (France)

You may well be familiar with the name Burgundy if you’re an avid wine drinker. However, have you ever wondered where the name came from? Well, as you might have guessed, it’s called as such because that’s the region in France where the drink is made.

There are plenty of vineyards around here where chardonnay and pinot noir grapes are grown for use in red and white wines. Of course, if you wish to see them for yourself, you’ll have to be prepared. A reservation is required for anyone hoping to explore these vineyards, so don’t get caught out by trying to be spontaneous. You don’t want to visit Burgundy and not have a chance to see where the region’s famous wine is made.

Central Otago (New Zealand)

If you don’t mind doing a bit of country hopping, you can also stop off at Central Otago in New Zealand on your way home. Here, the vineyards produce many excellent white wines, as well as some of the best pinot noir you’ve ever tasted.

As well as getting to taste some incredible wines, you’ll also be offered some of the most amazing views imaginable. Most of the vineyards lie within the valleys of several of New Zealand’s most distinct mountain ranges, so you can enjoy a drink or two while the local scenery takes your breath away.

Sonoma County (California)

California is an excellent place for making wine. Not only is it home to Napa Valley, one of the most famous wine regions in America, but also Sonoma County. If you’re in the state and want to visit a vineyard that isn’t overrun with tourists, this is probably your best bet.

Sonoma County is relatively near to Napa Valley, and it has vineyards that sprawl across 60,000 acres of land. That’s a lot of grapes grown in one location. Fans of pinot noir and chardonnay will likely recognize some of the delicious flavors produced here, especially when they sit down to enjoy a few glasses.

Best vacation destinations for wine lovers

Margaret River (Australia)

Are you thinking of going Down Under for your next vacation? In that case, you might want to set course for Margaret River. Not only is this part of Australia home to some incredible beaches, but it’s also got enough vineyards to whet anyone’s appetite.

Famous for their cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay creations, the wineries here use Australia’s gorgeous climate to their advantage. The grapes are grown to high quality under the hot sun before being crushed and utilized in Margaret River’s refreshing wines. If you visit the area in November, you may even get to drink some of them during the region’s “Gourmet Escape.”

Any wine lover will know that anywhere with a vineyard and winery is worth checking out. However, if you really want a vacation worth remembering, these are the spots you should absolutely check out.